When is the best time to go to the Dead Sea in Israel?

Israel stretches in a strip along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a small religious country that attracts tourists from all over the world. Israel is the only place that is mentioned in the Bible, it is the birthplace of Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad.

The peculiarity of Israel – it combines three religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The country stands out for the beauty of oriental culture and many historical and architectural monuments and https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-tagalog. This country attracts tourists with its mild climate and curative properties of the Dead Sea. In Israel you can endlessly admire the green oases in the middle of deserts and rocks.

The time when you can enjoy a trip to this country is autumn, especially October, and spring. And these two seasons are suitable for any type of vacation.

Springtime, with its cooler days and blooming green oases, is the season when it is best to come to Israel for excursions. All the cathedrals, gardens and parks are best seen in May. But in the summer, you can not come to this country even for a beach holiday. From June to August is so hot that even swimming in the sea is not refreshing.

The perfect season for recreation – autumn (October), as well as the time from late February to May. During this period a large number of tourists with https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-japanese come to the country. In winter and summer the prices of accommodation, food and entertainment are significantly reduced, so even in these seasons you can venture out and visit the home of the three religions.

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