The meaning of football for the Spaniards

“Meta!”, “Real Madrid or Barcelona?”, “Ronaldo or Messi?” – these words and phrases are perhaps one of the most popular among the Spaniards. Not a single conversation of local residents can do without them and translate spanish to english.

Football in Spain is not just a sport, it’s a culture, it’s a way of life. Perhaps no other country can boast such devoted fans, who, by the way, are among the most fanatical in Europe.

The Spaniards are one of the most athletic nations. Bullfighting and football are the main occupations of the locals. But still the second is out of competition. Every second inhabitant of Spain knows how to play football. People of all ages come together weekly to play this national sport on hundreds and thousands of football fields! Many families try to raise their children as football players. Playing football for them is not only a hobby or an extracurricular activity, but a kind of investment in the future. The big clubs usually recruit young players and train them from an early age in their football schools.

In Spain, there are a huge number of sports magazines and newspapers, which, of course, are dominated by football and translate english to french. Basically, the content consists of game reviews, which are almost always available. In between games, magazine and newspaper columns are always filled with the personal lives of famous football players, or famous football coaches, managers. In general, there is always something to tell, something to discuss. Other sports receive much less attention. Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that Spain has been showing excellent results for many years only in football. Of course, other species are also at the level, but still much lower.

There are two football capitals here that always compete with each other – Barcelona and Madrid. The cities are in conflict not only at the sports level, but also at the political level. Therefore, in Spain you can often meet a resident of Barcelona who has never been and is not going to visit the capital of his country, Madrid, because he supports the club of his city, and vice versa. It is, of course, amazing!

Spain is an amazing country, and Spanish football is no less amazing! Therefore, if you are a football fan, then if possible, you should definitely visit Barcelona or Madrid! These cities have a rich football culture and plenty of entertainment around it. When it’s match time, all the bars in Barcelona and Madrid fill up with enthusiastic locals and tourists. This is a wonderful atmosphere that you want to be filled with!

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