Edits and additional translation

When editing translation bengali to english texts, it is important to make changes to one or another translation.

There is a myth among clients that pre-translation is the easiest task for translators. What is pre-translation? Often this term is used to denote a ready-made translation text offered by the customer for making certain changes to it. The translator needs to remake certain words or constructions in the text.

Often, some misunderstandings arise between the customer and the translator due to the lack of competence of the former in translation activities. A client of a translation agency is inclined to believe that it is possible to change a finished translation text in a matter of seconds.

However, consumers do not think that a professional translator always has a lot of orders. It is quite difficult to concentrate on the proposed material, when at the same time the translator needs to keep in mind the texts of other customers. Most often, each text has its own topic and, accordingly, its own terminology. Translating technical texts requires some background knowledge.

The complexity of text editing lies in the fact that the translator has to deal with both the original text and the translated text. Sometimes a translator can spend a lot of time to change one word in the translation text. The editing process includes several stages. The translator needs to identify the original text and the translation text among the files, analyze them, find points in the text for pre-translation, examine the old files to find similar places in order to ensure the uniformity of the translation of the same terms. Then, after a detailed study of the material, the translator makes the necessary changes. Pre-translation of individual words and sentences must be logical and stylistically correct. The translator has no right to enter into the text meaningless meanings of words. Due to the incompetence of the translator, minor editing can change other sentences, and sometimes the entire text.

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